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Today is Monday, November 19, 2007
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The Bureau of Internal Revenue is obviously doing their job in tax collection but it seems that they have a lot of room for improvement regarding their tax collection system. This has been said because they actually have a lot of added programs and amendments to address their current problems. According to their BIR Monitor, they have been conducting seminars in Luzon for revenuers to inform people about integrity development. For this, their efforts are truly commendable. Furthermore, tax seminars have also been held in provinces like Valenzuela to inform the people, especially the businessmen there about the BIR’s system of tax collection. They have also introduced systems like the Tax Reconciliation System (TRS) which is used for easier dispensation of withholding tax returns. With all these projects of the BIR, it could be said that they are truly working for the improvement of our country’s revenue. It would be best if they would be more visible in the Manila area which is the center of commerce and where countless companies are situated for business purposes. This is for further enlightenment regarding their role as a government office.

In connection with their goal to improve, this cannot be achieved if the people around them like the government officials are not willing to work hand-in-hand in achieving a high percentage of tax collections. Our local to national government officials should also be doing their job to implement our country’s main issue, which is integrity. Our country has been bombarded with the image of corruption and each of us; especially those who are leading should do what is right to prove the image wrong.  

By: Jose Angelo Afable, student of De La Salle University - Manila

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Inadequate collection of taxes has long been an issue in the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).  Up until now it seems as if nothing much has changed in improving the collection of the government’s income.  This is so frustrating since government income mainly comes from the collections of authorized government agencies, one of which is the BIR.  The collections are then used to provide for the projects by the government.  However, any deficiencies from the collections are financed from domestic and foreign borrowings.  I believe the BIR knows that they play a very significant role for the reason that, their efficiency in collecting taxes would greatly affect the performance of the government in implementing and launching programs and projects for the betterment of this country. 

Collections made by the BIR are very crucial.  If in case the taxes collected are insufficient to fund for the programs by the government, subsequently, borrowings from local and foreign lending institutions would be necessary.  Of course, it would be great if our country would not resort in borrowing money because it would only add up to our already ‘unthinkable’ amount of debts to pay.  If only target goals of collections would be achieve then borrowings by the government can somehow be reduced.  There is a big possibility that this objective would be met if good management would be exercised.

The BIR had launched tax computerization programs to help improve the collection of taxes and also to check whether taxpayers are paying the right amount of taxes.  At least the agency is making an effort to stand for their vision as the epitome of excellence in tax administration but I think the current performance is still far from that.  Then again, is the program really being applied?

Honestly speaking, I don’t fully know how and what process BIR follows in collecting the taxes.  But, I heard that BIR only checks 1% of the income tax returns which is for me very inefficient.  How can they possibly discover all or majority of the tax evaders if they would only check 1%?  If they wouldn’t change this system then income losses for the government would carry on.  In addition to that, if taxpayers would know about this, then it may encourage them to just cheat on their income reports.  Thus, the agency should not let this issue be put in vain.  Prompt action from the BIR is a must to prevent losses.  I think this problem is being approach by the agency through the utilization of technology.  Technology, I believe, would be a great help to achieve efficiency in their endeavor but it seems like nothing has progress.

On the other hand, one of the major contributors in the poor performance of the BIR is the relentless corruption in the bureau. The agency should definitely put an end to the extent of corruption happening in the agency.  Corruption is a disgraceful act.  For those corrupt officials/employees, they should be ashamed of what they are doing, not only are they violating the BIR’s values but they are also breaking the law and disrespecting the rights of the people.  For me the need to curb corruption in the BIR is the most important objective to realize efficiency and effectiveness in their performance.  If they manage this problem (which they should) immediately, then I guess a good tax administration will soon be attained.

Overall, the BIR should take immediate actions towards increasing tax collections, curtailing tax evasion as well as terminating corruption in the office. Though there are many problems faced by the BIR, I’m looking forward to see positive changes with regard to these concerns.

By: Karen See, student of De La Salle University - Manila

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